14 June 2011

Day 164 (A Farewell To Arfs)

Today we lost a beloved member of our family. Not a son or daughter, in fact, not even a human. Carrie was our Chihuahua. I used to think it silly, even absurd, how some would get emotional at the loss of their pet... now I find myself in that same state. Carrie was almost 4 years old. Had she been a couple years older, her passing could have been age related. Alas, that is not the case... she was hit by a car. My wife, Tikvah, is taking it pretty hard, as Carrie was, pretty much, her baby (though we all enjoyed her company and antics).

Carrie had a great personality... and funny too. She would sleep in our bed, under the covers. In the mornings, when we were tending to the usual morning ablutions, she would poke her little snout from underneath, look at us, then pop back under and continue her siesta.

In my younger years, the loss of a pet would cause me to be "bummed" or slightly depressed, but never in this way. The way she would greet us at the door as if we had been gone for a couple days, when, in truth, we may have been gone for 1-2 hours. The way she would curl up on my lap and snooze while I watched House or NCIS on tv. Even the way she would come up and nuzzle my hand with her nose, wanting - no, demanding - some attention.

I'm going to miss that silly mutt!

Maria (top) and Carrie (bottom)

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The Romantic said...

I feel so sad about your little dog. Nice blog post though!

Dana Kaminski

Doug said...

Thanks, Dana! The next post should be cheerier.