26 June 2011

Day 176 (I've Always Liked Wisconsin)

Here I am in Oconomowoc, WI, a small city about 30 miles west of Milwaukee, and it's quite a lovely day. Unfortunately, the one important thing missing in this town (at least when it comes to my line of work) is a truck stop, as there are a scant number of places that are "truck friendly". But I shouldn't complain too much... after all, the temperature is mild, the sun is shining, and, most importantly, I have coffee (Starbucks, to be exact).

My delivery appointment isn't until 1 minute past midnight, so I have time to kill; perhaps watch a movie, read, nap, or even peruse the activity on the interweb. Though, at this very moment, my possibilities may be limited, that doesn't mean they have to be. I hope my next load tomorrow will take me into Milwaukee, then I may have the opportunity to meet Natali, a.k.a. @UberDorkGirlie (one of the "tweeple" I know, via Twitter and/or Facebook). Should that happen, she will be the third person I've met in real life who's acquaintance I've made through Twitter.

We shall see what tomorrow will bring... hopefully NOT a zombie apocalypse.

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