29 June 2011

Day 179 (In Jersey Now, But Not For Long)

This morning I made contact with the broker and sorted everything out concerning this load, then began my trek into New Jersey. I originally wanted to head in here last night, but was unsure of this particular part of Newark (roads, overnight parking locations, etc.). If I knew for sure where this place was and where I could park, I would have tried to get together with an old friend from my Marine Corps days. I'm sure I'll get a chance to hang out with "Mojo" one of these days (and I said that to myself last time I was here).

For those who have never been to New Jersey, I would recommend studying street maps, routes, and computer/GPS images BEFORE coming... this is a very fast paced area, that can get very hectic and, if you don't know where you're going, confusing. Not to mention that the surface street network is designed to replicate the erratic path of veins in the human body.

Once I'm done here, I'll start making my way to Indianapolis, to deliver sometime tomorrow.

Of course, I'll make a stop along the way for Starbucks.

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