17 June 2011

Day 167 (Taking A Long Way Home)

Yesterday, after we got unloaded, then reloaded, the plan was to go to the Flying J in Tulsa and shut down for the night, then find out this morning what the plan was to swap this load (bound for Half Moon, NY) out. However, when Joseph drove up to the Flying J (about 2 miles away) the parking lot was completely full... at 1830! I found that both surprising and frustrating, but what can you do.

We made our way to Big Cabin, OK (about 45 miles away, and all our logbook would allow us) and shut it down for the night. The first plan of action was to meet a driver in Springdale, AR to swap... but then that was cancelled, and we were about 50 miles away. We found a parking spot at the Pilot truck stop there. That itself was very surprising, as that Pilot is nearly always filled up. We went in, took care of our essential business, then climbed back in the truck with the orders to head east with the load.

There was a bit of confusion with the details of the swap, but the other driver and I had sorted it all out. He is delivering his load to Union City, TN, then heading back to Hayti, MO to meet Joseph and I to swap. Tony takes this load on up to New York, Joseph and I take his empty trailer, head to the North Little Rock terminal (where I drop Joseph off), then I head up to home.

For those of you that have been keeping up, this has been a crazy week: unload in Osceola, AR, then a load from Dexter, MO to Rogers, AR; from Tulsa, OK to Carrollton, then Houston, TX; La Porte, TX to Tulsa, OK; now this load - all since Monday.

Who said being a truck driver was easy?

Have Starbucks, will drive!

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