18 June 2011

Day 168 (Gradually Making My Way Home)

Started the day a little later than expected, but it all still worked out. Tony, the driver that is taking the New York load, arrived around 0900. After our brief exchange of "shop talk" we just began talking in general. Tony is a retired Marine (lucky dog!), and his wife Bonita - or "Bo", as she likes to be called- is originally from Boston (GO RED SOX!!). Tony, Bo, Joseph, and I had a good conversation, finally having to pull ourselves away, so they could start making their way to Half Moon, NY, and so I can get Joseph to our North Little Rock terminal... then I can get home.

All things considered, this has been a joyous Shabbat... and it's not even noon.

The weather here in Northeastern Arkansas is cool, but it looks as though there could be a storm moving in (there goes the neighborhood). I won't complain, as I like cool weather. If a storm does come in, the temperatures may drop, but nowhere near where I prefer, but it will be cooler. I hope a storm does come in... my truck needs a wash.

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