09 June 2011

Day 159 (Almost To Chi-town, Then Back To Arkansas)

Last night, after taking care of essential business in Russellville, we made it to Fayetteville, AR where we loaded this morning. This load delivers tomorrow in Chicago, and I was hoping we could have made it there tonight, but that may not happen. The reason it may not happen is A) the trip is over 600 miles (and only Joseph is driving), and, B) if we did get up that far, we wouldn't make it to our destination because there is road construction going on just south of the customer.

Once we do get unloaded tomorrow, we've already been pre-planned to pick up in Monee, IL (south of Chicago, but on I-57 instead of I-55), and that load delivers Monday in Osceola, AR. In short, we will both be getting another restart on our logbooks, but neither of us will be able to get home, as our respective homes/families are too far out of route. I'm sure it will all turn out for the better anyhow.

Driving a truck is not a bad line of work, but it's also not the greatest either. As with any line of work one may be in, there are always the "bad apples" that make it less respectable for the rest of us (though I often wonder if the "bad apples" from other lines of work were dumped on us - it seems that we have more than our fair share). This is a pretty good job, but I'm still looking for that one job that would allow me to take a two-week paid vacation, 26 times a year.

So far, no luck.

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