08 June 2011

Day 158 (Heading To Chi-town)

We made our appointment in Russellville, AR only about 10 minutes late, but it's still all good. Once we dropped our loaded trailer and got an empty, we headed back to the Flying J to scan in our paperwork and get a shower. After all that was done, we ate (I had been cooking a roast with baby potatoes, shallots, garlic, green beans, and seasoned with Mesquite flavored Liquid Smoke all afternoon in my 2 quart crock pot). It was, in a word, delectable! This next load will have us heading to Chicago for Friday.

The weather continues to be hot. If it's this hot now, I'm going to dread it when July and August roll in. I don't mind a dry heat. In fact, dry heat is more bearable... but this humidity is horrid. But that's just me. For some reason, my imagining a snow storm just doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

Can't we just cancel the rest of Summer and just have an extended Fall?

- Another rant via BlogPress

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