25 June 2011

Day 175 (On The Road Now)

I had mentioned yesterday (or perhaps it was Thursday) that I was picking up a load going to Wisconsin. Well, believe it or not, Tyson actually had my trailer loaded early. Instead of having it loaded no later that 1920 tonight, it was loaded last night. I signed for the bills, hooked up to the trailer, and waited until this morning to leave (in order to get a restart on my logbook). So I am now on the road, making my way to Oconomowoc (try to say that 5 times fast).

I hope to make it to South Beloit, IL tonight before I shut down, then finish the trip tomorrow. There is a chance I could meet another person whom I know from Twitter & Facebook, though, if that happens, I will blog about it tomorrow.

Thus far, today has been relaxing (as far as working goes) and low stress, as it has usually been on the previous Sabbath days since I have been working for this company. That, among numerous other things, makes for a very pleasant working atmosphere... an environment which is rare these days...

Wouldn't you agree?

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