03 June 2011

Day 153 (What An Unexpected Surprise)

I unloaded this morning at 1130 in Little Rock, AR, well, actually, I arrived at the customer at 1030 and was put in a door right away. Once I finished unloading, I went to our North Little Rock terminal to run a few errands and take care of some business (Starbucks being high on the list of priorities). I picked up an interim student, one who was with a trainer already, but was sent to the terminal to receive some additional training to hone his backing skills. He (Joseph) lives in Little Rock, but was unable to go home due to his wife having to work, and he would not be able to get a ride to the town in which I live (that's where our load picks up on Monday).

Yeah, that's the unexpected surprise, this next load picks up about 2-3 miles from my house. So what we (myself in collaboration with my employer) have done, we put Joseph up in a motel (a rather nice one at that) literally next to the truck stop where the truck is parked. But tomorrow, I'll pick him up and bring him into my home for a few hours. Then on Sunday, he will be joining us and our congregation for service.

Then when I got home, and got Joseph settled in his room, Michelle picked me up, and we saw our youngest son, Nathan, as he played a gig at one of the local coffee shops. He did very well, for somebody who has only been playing guitar for about 6 months. Way to go, Nathan!

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