16 June 2011

Day 166 (Back In Tulsa)

Once Joseph and I picked up our load in La Porte, TX yesterday, we headed back north as far as we could, making it to Centerville, TX. Centerville is a little over 100 miles north of Houston, on I-45. There was a little truck stop that we parked at called Woody's. It was actually more that just a truck stop, as the proper name is Woody's Smokehouse, and they bill themselves as "the jerky capital of the world". I went inside and I was quite surprised: they had all kinds of jerky (beef, pork, turkey, venison, elk, and buffalo), not to mentioned the deli. All of the jerky processing and smoking is done on site. I must say the smell was... well, it would draw one in like a moth to a light, one would go crazy, and eventually leave feeling like a bloated tick (and possibly a little lighter in the wallet).

We started rolling this morning a little after 0600 (again) and made it into Tulsa just before 1400, got unloaded, now we are sitting in door waiting to reload, with this one going up to Half Moon, NY. This is a good run, but we won't be taking it. Joseph is due to head to our North Little Rock terminal to take his tests, then get assigned his own truck. As for me, I'm due home this weekend for my time off... and to take care of some other matters (possibly even get a few hours on air with a local radio station).

Should that last one come to fruition, I'll probably post a link here... just in case you may be bored.

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