05 June 2011

Day 155 (Playtime Is Over, Back To Work)

It's been a quiet week at Lake Wobegone... wait, that's not me. It has been a nice day, Joseph joined us for service this morning, then came over afterwards for lunch. A very good time: food, fellowship, and a few laughs. Alas, tomorrow it's back to business as usual. The good thing is the pickup is just at the other end of town and heading for Kentucky.

This weekend I was able to learn a bit about Joseph, which will help me as a trainer in order to help him to become a better driver. My goal is to be able to get him in his own truck by about the 17th of this month. As of this writing, my wife, Michelle, is playing Foreigner on the turntable. We've been playing several records this evening, just reminiscing... some old disco (Donna Summer), 80's pop (Madonna), some 80's alternative (The Cure), and 70's pop (Harry Chapin). I'll have to wait to until I come back home to play some more of the old "licorice pizza".

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