15 June 2011

Day 165 (In Texas, Is It Still Called "Texas Toast" or, Just Simply, "Toast"?)

We made it to the first drop (Carrollton, TX) only 30 minutes late, and down here in Houston an hour late for our respective appointments. Though I am one that doesn't like to be late, this will happen when I have run out of hours on my logbook. Yesterday, Joseph and I also got a pre-plan for the next load, which will pick up in La Porte, TX (a port city on the east side of Houston). This one will send us back up to Tulsa for tomorrow, but with our logbooks running out at 2000 tonight, we will see how that goes.

It's a bit warm here (though "hot" and "Houston" are pretty synonymous with one another), and I really don't want to be here when this time next month rolls in. Several years ago, when I pulled a flatbed, picking up a load of lumber out this way - at this time - was, shall we say, torturous... especially if that lumber had to be tarped. I hope, when we get to La Porte, our trailer (I guess it's a drop & hook facility) will be ready, and we can get out of the area before the afternoon traffic picks up.

It wouldn't be so bad if there were more Starbucks locations that allowed truck parking... at least nearby.

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