12 June 2011

Day 162 (A Quiet Sunday, But Tomorrow May Be Different)

Joseph and I are still here at the truck stop on the west end of Osceola, AR, a small town about 22 miles south if Blytheville, AR and 48 miles north of Memphis. It has been a week since he was assigned onto my truck, and I'm hoping we can get him assigned to his own truck later this week.

This Friday will have been two weeks. Usually a student is on a trainer's truck for 3 weeks, but since he was with another trainer for a few weeks, then he doesn't have to go another 3 week term. What I'm perplexed by is the fact that the other trainer only pointed out that Joseph wasn't very good at backing. On his second day with me, I, through observation, discovered where the problem had lied... mirror adjustment. Joseph would have his mirrors pulled in too close, thus making the task of backing a truck & trailer more difficult than necessary. Since then, his skills have been improving (and I discovered this problem after only 2 days, when the other trainer gave up after 2 weeks). Skills like this don't materialize overnight, they take time, but when a minor adjustment can only result in improvement, well... perhaps it's the trainer and not so much the student.

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Paul Cobb said...

May we never stop being a student of observation... teaching can be taking the time observe the student.

Doug said...

So true, Paul... thank you for the comment, and thank you for reading. May you be blessed!