29 March 2012

Year 2, Day 89 (Heading To Missouri)

After getting loaded, and making a few stops along the way (one of which was for Starbucks), I arrived at my destination in Groveport, OH, just on the south end of Columbus. I had a conversation with another truck driver there who used to drive for C. R. England, in their Lease Purchase Program. To make a long story short, they were giving him a financial work-over. Basically, as a trainer, he had to foot half the bill on his students' training pay while simultaneously getting screwed over himself. In essence, his take-home pay for 8 months was a little over $8,000, while C. R. England said he made over $111,000. This is not the first time I've heard horror stories like this... yet I still wonder how they are continuing to get away with this. A possibility could be that since they are based outside of Salt Lake City (and the owners are Mormon), I would tend to think that all the Mormon lawyers in Salt Lake City may be in England's back pocket.

Once this load gets put on (here in Wellston, OH), I'll be on my way to deliver at the Walmart Distribution Center in Harrisonville, MO (just south of Kansas City) for Saturday evening. What will happen next? I'll probably find out Friday afternoon... I'll keep you posted.

Unless I find something more interesting to rant about.

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