10 March 2012

Year 2, Day 70 (About Half Way Done With This Run)

Larry and I parked for the night at the T/A truck stop in Lodi, OH (about an hour north of Columbus), where, surprisingly enough, there was still quite a bit of available parking spots. Surprising because it was around midnight (ET), plus I had him park there because we may not have been so lucky a little later. Before we left this morning, I went inside the truck stop which so conveniently had a Starbucks location. We topped of the fuel just north of Columbus, then on to Dayton to do a little shopping. As I compose this post (shortly to be put to bed), I have some ground beef (with taco seasoning) in the crock pot, along with some beef sausage, to cook in preparation for the chili I am making tonight.

This has been a beautiful Sabbath, although warmer than I would hope for (probably somewhere in the 50's), but still a beautiful Sabbath... then again, any Sabbath that The L-rd blesses me with is beautiful!

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