12 March 2012

Year 2, Day 72 (2 Days And Counting Until I'm Home)

We unloaded this morning in Tulsa, then waited for a little while until our next load was assigned. This one has us picking up in Stillwell, OK (not far from the Arkansas state line) and delivering by 2300 (ET) tomorrow in Suwanee, GA (which is just north of Atlanta). As of now, it's unknown as to if Larry and I will take this on, then get another load back to Little Rock, AR so I can go home and Larry can take his final evaluation, then get his own truck. I say that because we are both low on our available hours on our 70 hour clock (we each had less than 14 this morning).

If I may, I'm going to make a detour from my usual banter...

A news report just released by the BBC is telling - or at least trying to tell - of the daily lives most Israelis endure on a daily basis. I've heard the protests of pro-Palestinian groups, even our own media reporting on the "attacks" allegedlt "perpetrated" by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). Ironically enough, these very same entities FAIL to tell of the ongoing rocket attacks upon Israel from the Gaza strip. If Israel retaliates upon the terrorists and geurillas, they are immediately vilified... yet when the rockets are fired from Gaza (and there are MANY) - to include civilian victims - it is then my ears begin to throb in pain at the deafening silence. When Israel is attacked with rockets from Gaza, the UN has the audacity to tell Israel to use restraint... but nothing is said to the terrorists who fired those rockets.

Can you begin to see the worldwide political trend that is being set?

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