21 March 2012

Year 2, Day 81 (A Wet Day At Home)

Today it has been raining practically all day, which has put some of my plans on hold. But Tikvah and I were able to get a few things taken care of. Yesterday we had a great time in Little Rock yesterday. Naturally we made a stop at Starbucks, but that was on our way home.

From there we wandered around, made a stop at Pier 1 Imports (always a favorite place of ours), stopped into a little dessert/pastry shop (not that we really needed to)... which proved to be a bit dangerous. We left probably an hour or two earlier than originally intended, due to the fact that there was a thunderstorm warning and tornado watch in effect. We were able to get out of Little Rock and safely home, though we have been getting the rains today.

As I close, perhaps I should let you in on the news I've teased you with the past two days. I now have a way of getting around to some more out of the way places while the truck is parked, as I now have a new (to me) bicycle. In the future, you can expect to see some pictures from places not very easily accessible for a truck. By the way, it's a pretty cool mountain bike... plus I'll be able to get in better shape... maybe start training for the Zombie Survival Dash this October in St. Louis, MO - who's going to join me?




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