19 March 2012

Year 2, Day 79 (Home At Last)

I made it home this afternoon, and Larry caught a ride from another driver in our company. Tomorrow, more than likely, he will take his final evaluation, then get assigned his own truck. I made it home and my wife, Tikvah, and I did a little running around (which explains why I'm late in posting this), then had dinner at Sakura, the new Japanese restaurant here where we live. We didn't sit at one of the hibachi tables (we were too hungry to wait for the other seats to fill up), instead we sat at one of the regular tables... and the food was delicious! Tomorrow we will take a little getaway to Little Rock and just hang out.

It's great to be home again, to refresh and relax (for now). Tomorrow I will share with you the recent blessing I just received... which will prove to be beneficial for The Road Scholar.

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