07 March 2012

Year 2, Day 67 (A Day Of Fasting)

Once Larry and I were loaded yesterday, we began making our way east. Monica (my Fleet Manager) sent me a message that my truck was due a minor service, and that I should stop to get it done at either one of our terminal shops, or at a T/A truck stop... I chose the former. We shut down for the night at the terminal in Madison, IL, just outside St. Louis. We left this morning at about 1145 to continue this trip east.

As we drive through the afternoon rush hour traffic in Indianapolis, I am continuing with the pre-Purim fast. As I meditate upon Scripture, and engage The L-rd in prayer, it does help to reflect upon history as to why those of us whom are Jewish celebrate this Holiday... and how past events (primarily found in the Bible, vis a vis the Book of Esther) are eerily similar to current issues. Rather that give the entire outline of the background of Esther, I'll direct you to a more detailed summary, as found at the website for Judaism 101. For those who don't celebrate this Holiday, I hope this gives you some understanding as to why we do. To my brothers & sisters, may you have a Happy & Joyous Purim!!

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