18 March 2012

Year 2, Day 78 (Guest Bloggers For The Week Of Passover)

As I have mentioned a couple times already, I will take a hiatus from posting during the week of Passover next month. In my stead, I have lined up some great people to "take the helm" (if you will) during that time. Their posts will actually be scheduled to auto post on their respective days, so this way I can take a break in observance of the sanctity of Passover, AND The Common Voice will still have its daily posts. I recently had a reader that wished to know more about Passover, so I will compile a summary of this holiday, which will appear on April 7th. The next week will feature these great people:

April 8 - Bruce Burger
April 9 - Blanca Raygoza
April 10 - Lori Flood
April 11 - Kirk Provo
April 12 - Julie Mollins
April 13 - Natali Heuss
April 14 - Ern Mander

Each of these people will not only provide a good post, but I am honored and blessed to know them (not just because they're filling in for me). I hope you will all tune in to this channel and show each of them some love and support.

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