15 March 2012

Year 2, Day 75 (I'll Be Home Tomorrow Sometime)

These last few days have turned out to be a bit quirky. A load that was going to get re-powered, didn't, so Larry and I ended up delivering it just outside of Atlanta. This next load doesn't pick up until tonight, and hopefully it will get re-powered. I can't complain too much... at least I not only have a job, but I'm with a company that takes care of their employees. This is one of those situations that doesn't happen very often. Once we do get this load picked up, we will make our way to the Little Rock terminal, so Larry can unload all of his things from the truck. They may go ahead and give him his final evaluation tomorrow... but we will have to wait and see what tomorrow will bring.

I've said it several times already, so at the risk of repeating myself... this has been a very disappointing winter this year! I look forward to the cold and the snow. Sure I did get some of both on my journeys... but not enough!

Winter - you're such a wimp!

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