16 March 2012

Year 2, Day 76 (This Will Be Short)

Here's the story thus far: out of Atlanta, sent to pick up a load out of Shelbyville, TN bound for Hutchinson, KS. Originally I was told to bring it to our Little Rock terminal and it would be re-powered by another driver, then Larry would begin his final evaluation, I would go home. Then it changed. Instead of the load getting re-powered at the Little Rock terminal, now it will get re-powered from the terminal in Madison, IL. The load I was dispatched on later picks up tomorrow in Missouri and delivers Monday in Memphis. So I won't be getting home until then. Sure, I could take the load home, but, a) why just spend the night at home after nearly 5 weeks on the road, and, b) that would not be fair to Larry, who would have to stay in a motel, and has been away from his family just as long as I have. Needless to say, I am a trifle miffed... so I think it's best to leave it there rather than go on a verbal tirade.

I know that The L-rd has something planned through all this (though I don't know what just yet), so I'll have to focus upon Him in order to keep my temper in check. May your Sabbath fill you (as well as I) with joy and with peace.

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