05 March 2012

Year 2, Day 65 (Getting A Re-Start In Tulsa)

As expected/planned, Larry and I arrived at the customer in Tulsa, OK last night. I stopped off just a few miles away to top off the fuel before coming in, so that we would be good on that. It was fairly cool last night (probably upper 40's to lower 50's), but not quite cool enough for my liking. I slept in, studied a little from this week's Torah portion, then meandered around for a bit. Larry and I walked north from the customer to a laundromat, probably about a mile away, to get our laundry done. It turns out that it's cheaper here than using the (sometimes less than par) machines at a truck stop. Here, I'm using one of the front loading machines, and it's $1 - 1.50 cheaper than the standard washers at the truck stops. Perhaps I should go to a laundromat more often.

Once we're done here, we'll head back to the customer and chill out for the rest of the night... until we deliver tomorrow.

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