20 March 2012

Year 2, Day 80 (A Day Of Escape)

NOTE: Today this post is being set on auto-post because, a) my wife, Tikvah, and I will be spending the day together in Little Rock, and, b) to make sure that I'm doing it right in preparation for the week I'll be off for Passover, when this blog will feature guest bloggers.

Today we are in Little Rock, AR just hanging out and getting away from the small town in which we live. We were both born and raised in big cities (I in Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and Tikvah in the L.A. area), and we thought we could enjoy living in a small a town. We did at first when we were called here several years ago by The L-rd, but since then... not so much. Don't get me wrong, The L-rd did not lie nor deceive us, but the enemy (also referred to as Satan, or HaSatan in some Jewish communities) squashed - through the manipulation of man - what we were supposed to do. That story, however, is for another time.

I mentioned yesterday that I had some news to share, which will benefit The Common Voice, so I hope you will bear with me in waiting just one more day before I share. Trust me, the suspense WON'T kill you... but it will drive you a little nuts. Now I must go partake of some more good coffee with some wonderful company.

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