08 March 2012

Year 2, Day 68 (This Trip Almost Over)

The day has been bleary, weather-wise, since Larry and I left from Harbor Creek, PA this morning, rain pretty much all day (so far). We will be arriving at the customer this afternoon where we will deliver at 0300 ET tomorrow (ugh!). The good thing is, our pick up tomorrow is in the same Industrial Park where we make our delivery. Aside from the weather, this has been a blessed Purim today! Another good thing is I'll be able to make a visit to Starbucks pretty shortly (there's one here on the New York Thruway, in a Service Plaza).

On a different note, there was something I came across while perusing the timeline on Facebook (and, no, I haven't acquired their new timeline system yet, since the mobile site nor the iPhone app allow for many things, such as sharing most other posts, nor "copy & paste" utilization). The story is not very long AND it's very funny... well worth the short time it takes to read it. The story is found on the website for Happy Place, which was the first I had ever heard of them. Either way, enjoy the link, and enjoy the day... and I will enjoy my Starbucks!

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