03 March 2012

Year 2, Day 63 (The Wintery Adventure Continues)

Larry and I made it into Wyoming before we shut down, though the last 10 or so miles proved to be more challenging for him, as we hit some snowfall, just before shutting down in Sheridan, WY. We pulled off into a rest area, ate, and watched as the snow drifted down.

It made for a good "wind-down" period just before getting to bed. This morning, there was still quite a bit on the ground, but the roadway on I-25 was clear. With all the snow that had fallen - and that which had still remained - made for some beautiful scenery. There were some areas that the snow covered terrain almost gave the illusion of torrential ocean waters, with the salty foam at the ebbs & peaks of the waves:

Then there were also the stretches where it looked like the white sandy beaches often seen in some areas in Southern California or South Florida:

Overall this has not only been a nice day, but also a beautiful Sabbath... though the weather has been a little brisk and windy.

We topped off the fuel in Casper, WY, then parked the truck and walked over to Safeway to do a little grocery shopping... and, of course, I made a visit to Starbucks. I am hoping we can at least get to Limon, CO before shutting down for the night. That way tomorrow will be the final stretch for this run, and we can get another re-start before unloading on Tuesday morning in Tulsa, OK.

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