25 March 2012

Year 2, Day 85 (Heading To Lebanon)

I left out this morning from the North Little Rock terminal with this load I picked up on Friday. I stuck around there just in case there was a different load that needed to be re-powered, but no luck. I was able to meet up with another driver and him and I went out to grab a bite to eat and engage in some intellectual conversation (yes, there are a few of us truck drivers that are edumicated). I left this morning a little after 1000 and made a stop in the Memphis area to do a little shopping. I could have done it in Little Rock, but they don't have a Super Target... Memphis does.

A week ago this past Friday, my youngest son, Nathan, went on a trip for spring break with his high school Drama class to New York City (of which both my wife, Tikvah, and I were jealous). He returned home around 0100 this past Thursday, so I was able to spend at least a day with him before I headed back out. He had a wonderful time: eating at several different places (even having real New York pizza), attending two shows on Broadway, and visiting the Empire State Building, just to name a few. While there, his class even toured the NBC studios, in which he bought me an awesome souvenir:

At my request, he also picked up a copy of The Village Voice. He had a blast and I envy him for going... even though we were the ones that paid for the trip. Then again, an opportunity like this comes very rarely for today's youth... at least where we live. One day my wife and I will go.

Some day.

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