17 March 2012

Year 2, Day 77 (On The Way To Memphis)

Today has been mild for weather... very mild. I'm still disappointed about this year's winter - or lack of it. Larry and I loaded this morning in a small town called Meta, MO, which is just south of Jefferson City. To give you a little background, let me point this out: on a Motor Carrier's Road Atlas (a.k.a. Trucker's Atlas), the U.S. highways and state highways that are permissible for trucks to travel on are usually highlighted (most commonly in an amber color). If there are roads (and there are quite a few) that are not highlighted, it is highly advised NOT to travel on. That having been said, the state road going into Meta is NOT highlighted. Therefore, that 15 mile stretch takes about 23 minutes to drive on with an empty trailer... about 10 minutes longer if you're loaded.

We are making our way to Memphis, TN to deliver on Monday morning... to which I suspect I will be heading home after that. This Sabbath (like any other Sabbath that The L-rd has blessed me with) has been a nice one... a bit rainy at times, but still a nice one.

As I had mentioned a few day ago, I will be taking a week off from The Common Voice for Passover. However, there will still be postings going up. I'll release the list of my Guest Bloggers soon - I promise!

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