09 March 2012

Year 2, Day 69 (On Our Way Back To Tulsa)

Larry and I unloaded this morning in Guilderland Center, NY (at 0300 ET), where we went back to sleep for a few more hours, then went back into the Industrial Park to get loaded. This load, at only 32,000 lbs, is heading back to Tulsa, OK for Monday morning. When we stopped to do the first required load check, the both of us made a visit to the Starbucks in the travel plaza on the New York Thruway. It's been a brisk morning so far, and Larry has driven through three different snow storms. So far (as I commented to him) he has driven through snow on both sides of the country.

We still have quite a trek ahead of us, but we will get to Tulsa on time. From there, it's only the matter of two days before I release him to take his final evaluation test... and I go home for a few days. This has been a good training experience for him, as he has been through Tulsa, up to the Seattle area, back to Tulsa, up to New York state, now making yet another trip to Tulsa. We've seen quite a bit of the country, as well as driven through a variety of different weather conditions and terrain (rain, snow, wind... flat land, mountains, curvy roads, and straight runs). He's gotten the hang of the important things, but only time will strengthen his skills in things such as backing, tight turns, and direction finding.

As the Sabbath approaches, I hope you all will be blessed with the joy of G-d, The Most High!

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