26 March 2012

Year 2, Day 86 (I'll Be Pennsylvania Bound Sometime Today)

This morning hasn't been too productive, yet it has. The appointment to deliver here in Lebanon, TN is an open window (0700-2300) so I didn't feel there was a big rush to get here, especially since I didn't have a pre-plan. However, I found out I was pre-planned on a load this morning, but for some reason, the system kicked it back out. My pre-plan has me re-loading at the same customer I'm unloading, but the appointment isn't until 1900. Perhaps they will load me early.

The reason for my opening sentence is because I've spent probably 30-45 minutes on the phone getting a few things straightened out, and starting new service with DirecTV. Our cable bill has gotten quite expensive ($90/month with NO premium channels... really?!), and after doing a bit of research, my wife and I found that we can get all the channels we like to watch for less than we would have paid going through Dish Network. The best part is, after all the rebates expire (12 months) we will still be paying about $60/month (probably a little less, with our AT&T bundling package). We will see how that goes.

Coffee anyone?

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