31 January 2012

Year 2, Day 31 (This Day - And Trip - Are Almost Over)

We arrived in Springfield, MO yesterday evening relatively early, even after making a stop at the grocery store for a few things. We arrived at the customer where we were to load, and were fortunate to find they had overnight parking. Lou got us parked and we checked in, even though our window to load wasn't until 0700-1200 today. They did call us in early to load... too early - about 0300 this morning. They had us finished at around 0730, to which we just started rolling. It's not due to deliver until 1745 (ET) tomorrow, so there is still plenty of time.

To my recollection, Winter is supposed to be still lingering around, but the weather certainly has NOT felt like it the past few weeks. It was chilly - even cold - when we were up north (Michigan and Canada) a couple weeks ago... but now... 65° - in the end of January - in Indiana? Really?!?! For me (since I do rather enjoy the colder temperatures) this has been a very disappointing Winter. What I think really stinks is the fact that the American economy is so bad, we can't even afford a real Winter!

As it's looking, we will get close to the customer tonight (it's only a total of 522 loaded miles), and just kick back for most of the day tomorrow, and hopefully before then we will know what we'll be doing next. Lou will be on my truck for just a few more days, as I've scheduled for him to be released for his final evaluation next Monday.

Now I will put this post to bed, enjoy my Starbucks, and dream in anticipation of when Tikvah & I will be moving back to California (can you tell I'm excited about it?).

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