06 January 2012

Year 2, Day 6 (No Telling What Lies Ahead... Yet)

I mentioned yesterday that I re-powered a load going to Livonia, MI, only to pass it off to another driver, who would then deliver it. I arrived in Daleville, IN (just south of Muncie) at about 0300 this morning (0400 local time). After my 10 hour break is up, I am to head up to Fremont, IN and re-power another load (this one I will be delivering) to Livonia, MI. I am hoping to get something that will get me through Little Rock, AR so I can stop by the terminal and pick up my student.

This new student I know very little - practically nothing - about, other than his name is Louie, and he's from Tennessee. We spoke briefly on the phone, just to touch bases with him and fill him in on what is going on (which is still a little unclear to me at this point). Once I find out more, I'll let him know... and once I found out more about him, I'll let you know.

On another note, as practically everyone knows, the Iowa Caucus was held just the other day, and the results showed the 3 leading contenders for the Republican Presidential Candidacy are (in this order) Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul. One thing I've learned from the Iowa Caucus is... you can learn nothing from the Iowa Caucus. In the past it was speculated that the leading contender would garner the Party Nomination in the upcoming Presidential race. However, we have seen from the last go-around in Iowa... that is no necessarily true. If you recall, 4 years ago Hillary Clinton led the polls coming out of the Iowa Caucus. We see how that helped her. As it is right now, the Republican Party (of which I do NOT affiliate myself, nor do I align with the Democrat party) doesn't not have a lot to choose from. Let's hope a LEADER (NOT a politician) comes out of the woodwork soon.

May you all have a good Sabbath! If you don't keep the Sabbath, then may you have a blessed day!

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