04 January 2012

Year 2, Day 4 (Not Very Productive, But I'm Rolling)

This morning I treated myself (if you could call it a treat) to a raisin bagel with butter, and a coffee with cocoa mix, compliments of the motel I stayed at last night. Today, my truck was getting worked on, but since it wasn't expected to come back from Freightliner, I was put in a loaner truck. However, since I had a bad experience with a previous company (I was in a "loaner" for 2 weeks... and my belongings with me were minimal), I decided to just move all my things into this truck. I was originally going to pick up a Tyson load in Dardenelle, AR going to Pennsylvania, but 2 hours before my appointment, the load was changed. I am now picking up in Pine Bluff, AR and delivering tomorrow in Kansas City, MO.

I will make tonight's post a bit brief, so I can make some sort of attempt to organize this truck. I'll try to have some more eloquent prose on the morrow.

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