01 January 2012

Year 2, Day 1 (Back To Work Tomorrow)

This is the first blog of the new year, and I'm rather bummed that my vacation ends tomorrow. It's been nice being home. Today my wife, Tikvah, had a relapse of a flu or cold, so I've been letting her relax and get some rest. Earlier, as she was telling me what she was going to make for dinner, I told her, "how about if I make you some Matzo Ball Soup?" to which her reply was, "Ok, sounds good to me." I've spent most of yesterday and today trying to recover some music that was deleted from my external hard drive. Since what was lost was still on my iPod, I've put off updating it until I've been able to transfer the songs. I've also converted a couple albums from my record collection as well.

I've really enjoyed being at home, and I kind of dread going back to work... but I need to provide for my family, so it's back on the road. I think this new year will bring some good adventures, so I hope you'll come along for the ride.

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