07 January 2012

Year 2, Day 7 (A Cool And Peaceful Day, And A Late Night To Follow)

The load I re-powered yesterday was unloaded with great efficiency last night. However, since I am re-loading at the same customer (and my appointment isn't until 2300), I don't think I can get lucky twice. I am, therefore, taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the Sabbath. It's been pretty cool today, weather-wise. Tomorrow may start off a little hectic, but once I deliver the first drop, I should be able to get back in sync... hopefully.

This week's Sabbath portion (for those who may be following and/or interested) brought the end of the book of Bereishis (Genesis) and saw the end of the lives of Yaakov & Yosef (Jacob & Joseph). There is much that can be learned from the Torah, though I sometimes find myself disagreeing with some of the commentary of the Sages. As a Rabbi friend once told me, "it sometimes makes you wonder what they were smoking in their hookah pipe."

May the rest of your day be blessed!

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