01 January 2012

Day 365 (Goodbye 2011)

I apologize that this post is getting up so late, so I'll explain why. Our son, Sean-Patrick, whom was visiting from Missouri had a ride going back up today, but this morning those plans fell apart. He contacted us this morning ask if we could help him out. Being the parents that we are, we set out this afternoon on a bit of a road trip to Springfield, MO. He (and especially me) kept in touch with his roommate, Brooke. I talked to her a few times to help her with the directions to our rendezvous point (being a truck driver does come in handy sometimes). We finally met up at a Price Cutter grocery store in Springfield where Sean-Patrick moved his things to Brooke's Jeep. We all chatted a bit, then Brooke and Sean-Patrick left to make their way home to Jefferson City, MO, and Tikvah and I went in search of food.

We settled on a nearby Qdoba Mexican Grill. I've been there a couple of times, but Tikvah had never been there. Tikvah had a taco & quesadilla combo plate, while I ordered a Mexican Gumbo:

Before I forget, here is a pic of the pita bread I made yesterday (from a recipe I requisitioned from Lauri Rottmayer):

After eating, Tikvah and I went back to Price Cutter and paid a visit to Starbucks (can't close out the year without at least one more visit), then got back on the road for our 3 1/2 hour drive back. Though it was a long day, it was fun... and it was just Tikvah and I on the way home:

Happy New Year!! Tune in tomorrow for the launch of The Road Scholar, Year 2!

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