26 January 2012

Year 2, Day 26 (Two Years And Counting)

This morning Lou and I unloaded in Atlanta, GA (with a 65° temperature), but couldn't leave right away, as we had to finish our 10 hour break. Once 1230 rolled around, and we had our break finished, as well as the pre trip inspection, we made our way up to Gainesville, GA to pick up our next load. When we were pre-planned on it yesterday, it was already predicted that we would be late for the loading appointment (which was for 1300 ET). The broker had it re-scheduled for 1500, but we arrived at 1415. It took a while for us to get in, but once they put us in a door, they were pretty quick in getting us loaded. Due to the aforementioned delay, more than likely we won't make it for the 0800 appointment tomorrow in Searcy, AR... but it will get there.

On another note, my wife, Tikvah, and I have been doing some talking and have decided that when our youngest son, Nathan, graduates high school, we will be selling the house and moving back to California, to which this news I'm rather excited about. I think I've had enough of living in Arkansas, besides, two of our sons already live there, and the two younger ones want to move out there as well (Nathan because he wants to go to college out there... probably UCLA). I'm originally from Florida, but ever since I was stationed out there in the Marine Corps, I absolutely adored it. Therefore, in about 2 more years, we will be California bound... no more dreamin'.

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