01 February 2012

Year 2, Day 32 (Heading To Georgia... Maybe)

We shut down in Daleville, IN, which is just north on I-69 from Indianapolis. The delivery appointment is for 1745 (ET) at a Walmart Distribution Center. However, the load we were pre-planned on picks up at 1945, and about 53 miles away. The problem therein is that Walmart has a 2 hour window (from the appointment time) in which to unload... providing you're not late. Regardless of if you have 24 pallets of product or 2 pallets, they use the entire 2 hours to unload. Therefore (and the next load's pick-up - hopefully - is being worked out) we will not be able to make 1945 on time.

This next load is going to Union City, GA to be delivered on Friday at 1115 (also ET). If this load still goes as planned (and I hope they work out the pick-up), that will get us coming out on Friday, probably heading back towards Arkansas. Which will work out nicely, as I will be releasing Lou for him to take his final evaluation, then he can get his own truck. I will also be heading home a week from today and take a few days off, which (I think) are well deserved, since I've been out for about 5 weeks this time (for more details, or to refresh your memory, you can refer to Year 2, Day 13 for some info).

Now that I have put this post to bed, I will now sit back, enjoy my coffee, and read some more from the book, Our Father Abraham by Marvin R. Wilson - at least before we head up to Gas City, IN to deliver.

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