02 January 2012

Year 2, Day 2 (Another Day At Home)

This morning I made my final preparations (while drinking coffee) before heading out on the road. Afterwards I called  Monica, my Fleet Manager, only to find her line was being forwarded to the after hours crew. I spoke with one of the guys on the after hours crew and found out that the regular operations people were off today, plus that they really wasn't any freight going out today, as most of the customers were also closed. It turned out to be for the better, since my wife, Tikvah, is feeling a bit under the weather. I made some Matzo Ball soup for her last night, and I think it helped her out a bit. There is some left over, so she will have dinner tomorrow night.

She has been relaxing today, mainly because I've been trying to make her relax, get some rest, and drink some orange juice. That, in itself, is a feat, since she doesn't like orange juice. She is feeling better tonight, because she chose to have pizza for dinner instead of more soup (which has a chicken broth base). Since she has been relaxing, on the couch, in the den, she has found a new show that she likes: Next Great Baker. So we have been watching back-to-back episodes (and it's pretty good, I might add).

Let's see what tomorrow will bring.

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