08 January 2012

Year 2, Day 8 (One Down, One To Go)

This has turned out to be a load I hope to NOT get dispatched on again. The customer in Livonia, MI had this as a 2300 appointment time last night, of which I didn't get out of there until 0230 (Both times being of the Eastern Time Zone), with my first drop being due at 0700 this morning in Cleveland, OH. I made the delivery on time and, fortunately, they allowed me to park in their drop lot to take an 8 hour break, so, A) I could catch a little nap, and, B) that aforementioned break also allowed me to, more or less, put a "freeze" on my 14 Hour clock.

I did, however, make some coffee last night before I left, and re-heated it after my nap. My next - and final - stop for this load is to the Giant Foods Distribution Center in Carlisle, PA. I'm already familiar with where it is, as I have been there a few times in the past. That appointment is for 0530... I so detest those early morning deliveries. Hopefully tomorrow morning, there will be a load dispatched on me right away that will get me to Little Rock, AR, so I can pick up Louie so he can get his training started. On another note, something that goes very well with coffee: Almond Rocha (which is another treat I received from Tikvah for Chanukah) -

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