05 January 2012

Year 2, Day 5 (Quite The Busy Day)

I parked this morning at about 0130 just south of Harrison, AR. It wasn't as far as I had hoped to go, but it was quite a push since I had been up since 0700 yesterday. I didn't leave out until about 1400, because Monica had me wait until she found out when the other driver would make it to Springfield, MO, the other driver she wanted me to swap with. Him and I just finished swapping trailers and now I am heading up to do another swap in Muncie, IN. Where I go from there is what I will probably find out tomorrow.

Now that the holidays are over, the CSR's are trying to get us back in the swing of things, and getting some good freight to haul. It looks as though it may be another long day, as Muncie is still another 500 miles away.

Busy, busy, busy... and I still need some coffee.

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