23 January 2012

Year 2, Day 23 (This Has Been A Hard Run)

Lou and I shut down at 0415 this morning in Raphine, VA, more than half way across I-81. When we started rolling this afternoon, we only had about 350 miles left to go. Our next load, which I was pre-planned on, will re-load in New Jersey, and deliver friday morning in Atlanta, GA. I'm none too enthused about that load, because I've been to that customer before, and it's a very challenging task getting into their dock (it requires the blind-side backing technique).

Once that load is delivered, I will have about 2,200 miles for this week... which isn't too shabby. The down-side about this load is I caught a bit of a cold, which I'm presently trying to battle.

Orange juice and Halls to the rescue.

... and coffee.

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