17 January 2012

Year 2, Day 17 (Heading To Kentucky)

Yesterday evening, Lou and I shut down at a Pilot truck stop on the north end of Monroe, MI. The load we were dispatched on (via broker) did not pick up until 1300 today in Adrian, MI. I called the broker last night to get all the necessary information, and was told that the customer with which I was picking up from, did not allow passengers on the property. I asked about that "passenger" being a student. They were unable to get an answer, due to the fact that the customer was closed for the night, but they (the broker) would get back with me this morning. I also informed our night dispatch crew of the situation. When we got up this morning, I called Monica (my Fleet Manager) to fill her in on what was going on, to which she replied, "That is unacceptable! How can a student receive training when they can't get inside!" She further went on to investigate the matter further. A short while later she sent me a message telling me that all was ok, and I could take Lou into the customer's facility.

We arrived at the customer just before out appointment time, only to find out that the load wasn't ready. It took about an hour before we were called in. Once Lou backed into the door that we were assigned to, they made short order of getting us loaded. So I guess that made up for the wait. We are currently heading through Indiana, on I-69 south to Indianapolis. Hopefully we will get tot the customer tonight before we shut down, but only time - and traffic - will tell.

I really need some coffee right now.

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