11 January 2012

Year 2, Day 11 (This Day Is Kinda Jacked Up)

I arrived at my first stop yesterday evening in Goodlettsville, TN (just north of Nashville) at around 1900 or so. I had trouble getting to sleep, probably because my body was still a bit whacked out from this past weekend... you know, leaving from Livonia, MI at zero-dark-thirty (0230 to be precise) in the morning, then driving through the night to make my first drop on time. I was up at 0530 this morning, checked in at 0540 (old Marine habits die hard) for a 0600 appointment. The thing I don't understand - and it annoys me to no end - is when a customer makes a delivery appointment for a delivery... then can't keep their own appointment schedule. It has been some time since I've been to this customer, and I had since forgotten their lack of efficiency, but to continually show such a lack of efficiency is beyond comprehension.

They finally put me in a door at about 0715, then took about 2 hours just to pull off and break down 5 pallets. Had my employer not been so strict about their "no driver unloading" policy, I would have pulled it off and done the breakdown myself, pocketed the $100, plus had taken less time than the lumper service the customer used. I finally got out of there, made a stop in Fairview - about 30 miles west of Nashville -
(I was craving for some Boston Creme doughnuts):

then one other stop in Jackson (time for Starbucks):

then finally up here to Humboldt, where my appointment for this drop isn't until 2215. Once I'm done here, it's off to Southaven, MS - just south of the Memphis area, and just across the state line - for my final drop tomorrow morning. Hopefully this afternoon will bring me a pre-plan that can get me to the Little Rock terminal so I can finally pick up Louie, thus begin his training. He has been waiting for nearly a week now, though not due to any fault of mine.

Now I think a nap is in order... after I finish my coffee.

Wait... strike that... reverse it.

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