24 January 2012

Year 2, Day 24 (This Day Is Starting Off Slow... And Not Good)

Lou and I unloaded this morning in Elizabeth, NJ (which, by the way, Lou did a real good job backing into a difficult spot). Yesterday we received a pre-plan picking up in Dayton, NJ, about 30 miles south of Elizabeth. This is product from a customer we have based in Tulsa, but the logistics (a.k.a. the shipping & receiving) are handled at an independent warehouse by an outside contractor, so they're not as friendly, and we - the truck drivers - have to yeild to their schedule of loading. In other words, we may not be getting out of here until 2300 (ET)... or later. If that's the case, we would still need to make our appointment in Atlanta (over 800 miles away) by 0700 Thursday morning.

On the upside, we made a stop at the Starbucks in the Thomas Edison Service Plaza on the turnpike. Heading back, Lou, carrying two bananas (one in each pocket of his waist-tied sweat pants), an Italian Roast coffee in one hand, and a double espresso in the other, placed his drinks on the bumper of a truck in order to re-adjust/re-tie his sweats. A funny thought occurred to me then, one that had him re-adjusting his sweats, then the truck pulling away, leaving him to run after it to retrieve his coffee all the while his sweats (still not fully re-adjusted) work their way down.

He also found my thought humorous too.

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