18 January 2012

Year 2, Day 18 (This Could Be A Long Night)

We left this morning from Haubstadt, IN, which is just north of Evansville, and about 25 miles from the customer we were delivering to. Lou and I arrived at 1030, where we waited nearly 1 1/2 hours before they put us in a door. Once we were unloaded, I called the broker to close this load out, then we made our way to Robards, KY to pick up a Tyson load. The load shows to deliver at 0800 tomorrow in Rogers, AR, but since this is going from one Tyson plant to another (and because Lou, nor I, will have the hours to get there by then), then it will get there when it gets there. Last night, when we shut down, the weather was fairly cool, but the wind added some bite to the temperature.

There was also a bit of a situation that arose last night. My son, Sean-Patrick, was on something of a road trip with his roommate, Brooke. I'm still a bit unsure of all the details, but what it comes down to is she gat arrested, and he was, therefore, stranded in Raton, NM. My wife, Tikvah, got him a bus ticket to Las Vegas, and I made a call, so he will be staying with my brother there for a few days... until we figure out what's next. The ticket: $140?! It turns out the bus goes from Raton (which, by the way, is just south of the Colorado state line), to Denver, then to Salt Lake City, then to Vegas.

Sean-Patrick is 19, and no longer lives with us, which explains why he went on the road trip (from hell, as it turns out). I did suggest to him that perhaps he can open up a restaurant in Santa Fe.

You get brownie points if you caught my reference in the previous sentence... or at least some coffee.

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