20 January 2012

Year 2, Day 20 (Restart, Refresh)

Yesterday, as I mentioned, Lou and I picked up a lease trailer to bring to our North Little Rock terminal, where we shut down for the rest of the night. I checked in with my Fleet Manager (Monica) this morning to let her know that Lou and I were low on hours on our 70. I wrote the truck up for a few minor repairs, and periodically checked back with Monica. She allowed us to stay here to get a re-start on our logbooks.

Before she left for the day, she had us dispatched on a load that picks up in Pine Bluff, AR on Sunday on will have us heading to Elizabeth, NJ for Tuesday morning. That will be a good run for us to start the week off with. On another note, I was able to get my signature coffee drink from Starbucks, though my wife, Tikvah, made a trip to an IHOP... which was just about as cool.

Have a peaceful and joyous Sabbath... may you all be blessed!

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