16 January 2012

Year 2, Day 15 (A Late Post, Due To Being In Canada)

*Author's Note* This post was composed on the day stated within the title, but was not posted until the following day (Monday) due to being in Canada... and the author did NOT find it prudent, nor feasible to pay $15.36/MB for data usage.

Today was rather interesting. Nothing spectacular, mind you, but interesting. For one thing, the electronic logbook portion of the Qualcomm (on-board communication device, which allows me to send & receive messages to our home terminal dispatchers) decided to go on the fritz. Therefore, I got in contact with the weekend dispatch crew, was forwarded to the IT guy, finally our maintenance shop, and had them send out a reboot message to the truck's computer. That was finally sorted out, then Lou and I (I did the driving for the stretch into Canada, and on to Brampton) set out to finish this run.

The weather has been quite chilled, showing a temperature at one point of 12° (yes, that's still in fahrenheit). We will be unloading this in the morning, and where we go from here... well, we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out. After some coffee, of course.

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