21 January 2012

Year 2, Day 21 (I Will Be Heading To New Jersey)

Now that both Lou and I have a full re-start on our logbooks, we (hopefully) will be fresh to go for the coming week or so. The load we were dispatched on loads tomorrow, but we are heading down to Pine Bluff, AR and hopefully will get loaded tonight. If that happens, that will help us as we can cover some miles tonight, and it will be easier to get to Elizabeth, NJ by Tuesday morning. If we have to wait until tomorrow, then that could make it a little more difficult to deliver on time.

This has been a beautiful, albeit brisk, Sabbath. I was blessed to run into another of our drivers here at our North Little Rock terminal that took me out to Golden Corral for lunch. The two of us had a good conversation before lunch, but when we left, there were 7 of us then took one of the company vans to the restaurant. We will be leaving out pretty soon, and I apologize about the delay in this posting. To be honest, I lost track of time. Let's see what adventures lie ahead this next week.

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