30 January 2012

Year 2, Day 30 (Another Day, Another Load)

Lou and I made it to the customer last night, in Kansas City, MO before we shut down. We were unloaded before our appointment time, so I drove us down the road a little to the Flying J truck stop, where we waited.

...and waited...

... and waited some more.

As I had figured, the freight was a little slow... then again, this is all part of the job. We were dispatched this afternoon to pick up tomorrow in Springfield, MO, a load going to Gas City, IN for Wednesday afternoon. The weather has been pretty mild up here in the K.C. area, probably upper 60's to lower 70's. Seeing as it's close to rush hour (and where we are - on the outskirts of the city), I'm hoping we will be able to avoid some of the traffic... but we will know for sure once we get south of here.

This load we will be picking up in a facility that has been built into a hill, a.k.a. a cave. Therefore, Lou will get some experience with loading in a cave. He should do well, especially since he knows this will be his final week with me. Next Monday he is scheduled to be released from me. He then takes his final evaluation test, and, surmising he passes (which I'm sure he will), gets his own truck

Now it's coffee time!

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